Instead of resentments and hatred, why not celebrate the encounter and fusion of two great civilizations?

Christopher Columbus was the bridge between western civilization and the Americas. Western culture and civilization, like all other cultures, has enriched and brought enormous benefits to mankind. From science to literature, western culture, along with the rich traditions and advanced philosophy of native american cultures, amalgamated and transformed into a new, energetic and future-oriented civilization which is now the Americas.

2000 years ago the romans colonized all Europe and part of Asia. Roman culture left an incredible legacy in Europe and the western world. Today's Europeans regret the ugly sides of Roman colonization (war, invasion, slavery, etc.) but also celebrate the great contributions of the romans to their civilization such as roads, aqueducts, the newspaper, dictionaries, the census, baths, the senate, roman law, roman engineering, chirurgical instruments, wine, etc., etc., etc.. Almost 550 years ago, the Europeans (Spain) began the discovery and colonization process of the Americas taking with them a handful of rich European contributions and also taking back to Europe an extremely valuable set of native american inventions, technologies, foods, culture, literature, etc., etc., etc. As with Roman colonization, yes, there was invasion, war, slavery and new diseases, but this exchange and encounter gave birth to the most diverse, energetic, modern and future-oriented civilization on the planet, the Americas.

Our goal is to promote a global alliance between native american (continental) organizations and tribes, cultural and social associations, educational centers, governments, italian american associations, spanish, italian and european organizations and other interested parties and supporters and get them to agree, for the first time in history, to celebrate Columbus Day and Indigenous People Day together as the encounter of two great cultures and the birth of a new, modern American civilization, each year, on October 12th or on separate dates!